We partner with companies to support exiting employees in accelerating their transition. Through a team of experienced career advisers who are matched with individuals based on background and objectives, we provide personalized support that is focused on achieving the individual’s goals. Moreover, we offer resources related to upfront needs, such as evaluating health insurance options and understanding financial runway, as well as software and web development training.

Our clients range from privately held companies to the Fortune 500. We deliver measurable results through the utilization, ongoing engagement, and satisfaction of transitioning employees.

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For those individuals considering a change in career path, we can help them to align their vision, values, and skills; take steps to explore potential roles; and define a path toward a position in which they will thrive.


With a target role in mind, we can help people to better communicate the value they bring—-optimizing their LinkedIn profile and resume, developing a compelling elevator pitch, improving their presence, and preparing for interviews.


We guide people in navigating multiple channels to effectively conduct their search—identifying and developing contacts at target companies, setting up tailored job alerts, and understanding when and how to work with recruiters.


Supplemental to a career adviser, other resources available:

Health Insurance - Compare insurance options from COBRA to private plans
Financial Planning - Understand financial runway and create a budget
401k - Evaluate 401k rollover options or distributions
Software Training - Microsoft, Adobe, and QuickBooks products
Web and Mobile Development Courses - Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, iOS

 We establish metrics related to employee utilization, ongoing engagement, and overall satisfaction, enabling you to measure the value being delivered. By providing quality support to transitioning employees, your company demonstrates to both those staying and those going that you are committed to the team.